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Single Line Systems
Single Line Systems
Single Line Systems
Single Line Systems
Our single line systems are suited to on road machinery or industrial applications. They use a NLGI.00 grade grease or lower or they can run oil. Our single line systems come with 3kg or 6kg reservoir and pump unit with remote mounted control unit or a 1kg integrated pump reservoir and control unit.

The control unit is wired through the ignition system so the timer only counts while the machine is running or ignition is on. The small gear pump is run by a 12 or 24 volt motor. The grease is pumped from the reservoir through a heavy duty mainline until pressure is obtained at which time a pressure switch sends a signal back to the control unit informing it that the system is pressurised.

When pressure is not obtained, a signal light in the cab, or wherever is appropriate, will light up reporting a fault in the system. The distributors are either 2, 4 or 6 cylinder cast blocks (when cylinders aren’t being used they are blanked off ).

The cylinder contains a piston, flap valve, spring and metering spacer. As the system obtains pressure, it overrides the spring pressure retaining the piston, and fills the piston cavities with grease.

When the system reaches its maximum pressure of 38 bar, a regulating valve inside the pump releases the pressure and overrides the pistons. The grease is distributed to their allocated points.

It is a very simple and reliable system, ideal for reducing the downtime of critical machinery.

Single Line Systems




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