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High Pressure Progressive Systems




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High pressure progressive systems



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Our progressive feeder systems are suited to any environment, on any heavy machinery requiring lubrication.  They use all grades of grease, up to NLGI-2, which is the recommended grade.  Progressive feeder systems are the only systems that can alert the operator if a pin or a bearing becomes blocked.

Our progressive feeder systems have integrated reservoir pumps and a control unit (the control unit can be separate if required).  We have 1kg, 2kg, 4kg and 10kg reservoirs.  The control unit is wired through the ignition circuit and the timer counts only while the machine runs or ignition is on, reducing excess grease use.  The pump is run by a 12 or 24 volt motor and rotates a shaft with a stirrer in the reservoir to remove air and force grease down into the pumping area.

An eccentric cam is attached in the pumping area which pumps up to three metered elements.  The grease is then distributed throughout the system to the accurately metered distributor blocks through our high pressure line which is capable of withstanding up to 840 bar.  (Stainless steel pipe, if requested, can also be used).  The distributors are mounted in easily serviceable locations appropriate to the bearings/pins they are distributing grease to.

Our progressive systems will operate up to pressures of 250/300 bar to ensure bearings/pins receive grease under the most severe conditions and bearing loads.  This pressure is regulated with a valve attached to the pumping element.  We protect any component that needs protection from any foreign objects.

We believe our progressive feeder systems are the best of their kind and the best  form of protection for your machinery.

High pressure progressive systems 





High pressure progressive systems










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